Advanced level - Discussion topic


Adolescent Questions about Parental Divorce

Relevant vocabulary

psychological, commitment, attachment, abandonment, loss, cling, rely, reliant, detachment, adolescence, recovery, stable, adjustment, disrupt, socialize, depress, prone to, attention, live apart, abusive, grief

  1. What is the most difficult aspect of divorce for children to comprehend?
  2. Is it more difficult for a young child or an adolescent to experience the divorce of his/her parents?
  3. “What age group of children handles divorce the worst?”
  4. “Who has a harder time dealing with divorce: boys or girls?”
  5. “Do children who have shy and quiet personalities have a more difficult time dealing with divorce?”
  6. “Do parents understand the pain their child goes through during divorce?”
  7.  “Why do adolescents feel disconnected to their families after divorce?”
  8.  “Are there any positive effects of divorce on children? If so, what are they?”
  9.  “Approximately how long does it take the average child to adjust to divorce?”
  10.  “What factors influence how well the child adjusts to divorce?”
  11.  “How do children learn to adjust to divorce?”
  12.  “What details about divorce should the child know?”