Schedule Calendar

▪️ Please add your students in Zoom in advance. If they don’t accept your friend request, they might come to your Zoom meeting room directly.

▪️ When you click on the appointment box, you can see the student’s info, the button for the lesson report form, and the lesson cancellation button.

▪️ Please fill out the lesson report form during the lesson. For the comment section, 2-3 sentences would be enough.

▪️ If you need to cancel a lesson, please email your student and explain your situation. Please cc the email to hello@honeyjem.com

▪️ Please cancel the lesson at least 10 hours in advance if you need to cancel.

▪️A single lesson is 25 minutes long. If a student booked lessons back-to-back, please run the lesson for 55 minutes.

▪️The lessons in the blue box are fixed schedules and the lessons in the green box are individually booked lessons.

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