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About Honeyjem.com

✅ Honeyjem.com was established back in 2015

✅ HoneyJem English is a Canadian tutoring company incorporated in the province of Ontario

✅Honeyjem is Korean slang meaning ‘super fun’

What are the requirements?

✅ We’re looking for native English speakers

✅ A university degree or current enrollment is required.

✅ A stable internet connection and an HD webcam are needed.

Who are the students?

✅ The program caters to South Korean students. 

✅ The student demographic age varies from 7-year-olds to adults. You can choose to focus on certain age groups

✅ The South Korean timezone is KST and GMT +9

Competitive pay

✅ The program offers CAD 11 per 25 min lesson for individually booked lessons. 

✅ If a student registers a regular lessons with a fixed schedule, CAD 15 per 25 min lesson. 

✅ Paying our tutors on time is our top priority. We always pay on schedule. Payments are made on a monthly basis. Payments for lessons will be made on the first day of the subsequent/incoming month (i.e the lesson from Aug 1st to Aug 31 will be paid on Sept 1st).

✅ For the payment, we use Paypal for Canadian tutors and wire transfers to non-Canadian tutors.

How the process works

✅ We post our tutors’ profiles on our website. Students choose their tutors based on the profile and the intro video. Some students study with multiple tutors.

✅ Tutors open their availabilities in the booking system and students will book lessons within the available slots.

✅ Some students book lessons through the individual lesson booking system, but we’re trying to encourage students to use the fixed scheduling system. (recurring weekly lessons) 


✅ We don’t have a set curriculum.

✅ We provide study materials such as picture books, course books, and worksheets, but you should assess your students’ English proficiency and choose appropriate materials.

✅ The core values of our lessons lie in: 1️⃣ Speaking practice; 2️⃣ Asking questions and providing feedback on the answers; 3️⃣ Correcting answers.

✅ Most students practice reading comprehension and listening comprehension in other learning centers or on their own.

How to get started

1️⃣ Please fill out this application form. Click here

2️⃣ Once parts one is done, we will contact you.

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