Digestive System

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00:11 Oops! Excuse me!

00:13 Oh, hello friends!

00:15 Have you ever wondered where does the food go, once it enters your body?

00:20 Sorry!

00:21 Well, worry no more, cause I’ll tell you all about the human digestive system!

00:28 Oops! Haha! Come on, what are you waiting for?

00:33 Zoom in!

00:35 Digestion is a simple process.

00:38 Where large insoluble food particles are broken down..

00:42 ..into smaller water-soluble molecules.

00:45 So that, they can be absorbed by blood and give energy to different parts of our body.

00:51 The process of digestion has a few stages.

00:55 And I’ll take you through all of them. Come!

00:59 Chewing is the first stage of the digestive system.

01:02 When you chew your food, the food particles break down..

01:06 ..into little pieces that are easier to swallow.

01:10 The saliva which contains a lot of enzymes, mixes with those food particles..

01:16 ..and helps break down those food particles even more.

01:20 Once you have completely chewed your food..

01:23 ..the tongue helps to push the food particles down your throat.

01:27 This process is called swallowing.

01:30 The food travels through a long pipe called esophagus..

01:35 ..also known as the food pipe.

01:38 When the food particles, have traveled through the food pipe..

01:42 ..their next destination is the stomach.

01:45 Where those particles hang out for approximately four hours.

01:50 The stomach releases a lot of acids and enzymes..

01:54 ..which further break down the food particles.

01:56 So that these particles can be absorbed by our body.

02:02 An enzyme called Pepsin present in the stomach..

02:05 ..helps break down the proteins.

02:08 Oh, and a lot of bacteria are killed by our superhero, the stomach.

02:13 So that we don’t fall sick!

02:16 Destination next! The small intestine!

02:20 Once, the food particles reach the small intestine..

02:23 ..a lot of juices from liver and pancreas help break down those particles.

02:29 The liver secretes bile, which helps break down fats.

02:33 And the pancreas release other enzymes to help digest all kinds of food particles.

02:40 Now that the food particles are broken down..

02:44 ..the small intestine absorbs them and transfers them to our body through blood.

02:50 The particles that are not absorbed by the small intestine, reach the large intestine.

02:56 Now the large intestine absorbs water and other particles..

03:01 ..and sends the waste material out of your body!

03:05 Trivia Time!

03:07 Did you know that our large intestine produces..

03:10 ..antibodies that help us boost our immunity?

03:13 When your face becomes red due to blushing..

03:16 ..the lining of your stomach becomes red too!

03:20 So eat healthy, digest healthy and live healthy!

03:24 Tune in next time for more fun facts!

03:27 This is me Zooming Out!



  1. What is the first stage of the digestive system? (00:59)
  2. What does the saliva contain? (01:10)
  3. In order to swallow, what does the tongue do? (01:23)
  4. How long does the food particles hang out in the stomach? (01:45)
  5. What does the stomach release? (01:50)
  6. What does Pepsin do in the stomach? (02:05)
  7. What does the bile do? (02:29)
  8. What does the large intestine absorb? (02:56)



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