What’s a Virus?

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00:06 Hey friends, I’m not feeling too well today.

00:11 I think I have a cold…

00:16 Well, I guess it is a good time to tell you about what causes cold,..

00:21 ..and many other such diseases.

00:25 Sorry.

00:27 And that’s why,…

00:30 We’ll talk about Virus!

00:33 ZooZoooo..ZOOOOOMINNNNN!

00:38 You know that a bacterium is a very tiny organism, right?

00:43 Well, a virus is so small, that it is invisible to even a bacterium.

00:50 This is how it is able to infect the tiny bacterium and the cells in our bodies

00:57 Unlike the bacterium, the virus has no cytoplasm.

01:01 Or a nucleus or anything resembling a cell.

01:07 It has a very basic structure of the DNA..

01:10 ..covered by an outer protein shell and some fats.

01:15 That’s why viruses cant even be considered organisms at all.

01:20 They are not actually living.

01:22 They float around like debris in space, waiting to contact a host.

01:28 And only once they enter a host, can they reproduce!

01:35 This is where the true terror of Viruses is seen!

01:40 Once inside, these little fellas hijack the cells of the organism.

01:45 By entering through the cell membrane.

01:49 Once they do, the virus takes over the protein building structures of the host cell..

01:54 ..and forces them to replicate the virus instead.

01:59 The poor cell unknowingly begins manufacturing an army of the virus..

02:05 ..till the entire cell is infected!

02:09 This poor mindless slave cell does this till it explodes!

02:15 Releasing all the virus to infect the nearby cells..

02:19 And that’s how an infection spreads.

02:23 That’s why I got sick.

02:26 But don’t worry, your bodies are super smart when it comes to saving you.

02:35 Every time we fall ill with a virus,..

02:38 ..the body makes a special cell called a Memory Cell.

02:43 This cell stores all the information about the virus and how it was defeated..

02:50 ..so that the next time the virus attacks, your body’s defense is ready to destroy it!


03:00 Did you know that even antibiotics don’t work on viruses?

03:06 Because antibiotics are designed to fight bacteria!

03:12 In our body, the most common viruses are actually bacteriophages..

03:18 ..that infect and destroy bacteria!

03:26 I think I have a cold again.

03:29 Well kids, before I go,..

03:32 ..what’s the common virus in our body that destroys bacteria?

03:40 And here’s hoping I feel better soon.

03:44 So that I can keep bringing you such fun and interesting…

03:50 ..facts.

03:51 Until next time, this is me zooming out!

03:59 Oh no!

04:01 Hey kids, you liked my videos didn’t you?

04:05 Before you go, don’t forget to click on the subscribe button and the bell.

04:10 So you won’t miss out on my latest videos.

04:15 See you.



  1. Is a bacterium smaller than a virus? (00:43)
  2. Does a virus have a cytoplasm? (00:57)
  3. What’s a virus covered with? (01:10)
  4. Can we consider a virus as a living organism? (01:20)
  5. What happened to the slave cell in the end? (02:09)
  6. Which cell stores all the information about the virus?  (02:43)
  7. Antibiotics are designed to fight what? (03:06)
  8. When was the last time you got a cold?



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