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00:16 Oh, my!

00:17 This is a flood.

00:19 Help! Help!

00:22 But first, you need to learn about floods.

00:26 Zoom in!

00:28 Many of you might think that floods are just overflowing of water!

00:33 Well, it is much more than that.

00:39 An event when a dry piece of land suddenly gets submerged in water,..

00:44 ..is usually known as floods!

00:47 Oh, don’t take it lightly.

00:49 A flood comes in all depths,…

00:52 sometimes it is so high that you don’t even have a place to go.

00:58 The power of floods is sometimes very dangerous,

01:02 it can knock your car off and sweep you off your feet too!

01:08 Causes of floods are:

01:10 Heavy rains.

01:11 River overflow.

01:13 Tsunami.

01:14 Or hurricanes.

01:16 Ice or snow melts.

01:18 Breaking of dams etc.

01:22 Help!

01:27 So, a flood can be divided majorly into 3 categories.

01:33 Slow on-set floods.

01:36 this kind of flood usually happens when water bodies over flood their banks.

01:42 As the name suggests, this one develops slowly.

01:46 Which can last for days or even weeks.

01:51 Rapid on-set floods.

01:53 This kind of flood lasts for a day or two.

01:57 Even though it is destructive, it still takes a little time to develop…

02:02 ..and thus giving people a chance to escape!

02:07 Now comes the most dangerous of them all.

02:10 Flash floods!

02:12 This kind occurs within a very short time,…

02:16 ..that is, 2-6 hours, and sometimes within minutes.

02:21 This doesn’t give any time to prepare, no warnings, no words of caution!

02:27 Just destruction!

02:30 But hey! Don’t lose heart!

02:33 We can do our bits to prevent floods.

02:36 Yes, that’s right!

02:38 Planting more trees help preventing floods.

02:43 The roots of plants and trees dig deep into the soil and create spaces between soil particles,..

02:50 ..which helps in seeping and holding on to floodwater.


02:58 Floods can even occur in deserts!

03:01 In Ancient Egypt, people relied on the Nile River floods because they created enriched soil for farmers.

03:10 So, what are the three types of floods?

03:14 Well, you keep thinking and post your answers in the comments section below.

03:19 This is me Zooming out!

03:23 tune in next time for more fun facts.

03:27 Hey, kids! You liked my videos, didn’t you?

03:31 Before you go, don’t forget to click on the subscribe button and the bell.

03:36 So you won’t miss out on my latest videos.

03:41 See you.



  1. What are the causes of floods? (01:10)
  2. How many major categories of floods are there? (01:27)
  3. How long does a slow on-set flood last? (01:46)
  4. How long does a rapid on-set flood last? (01:53)
  5. How dangerous is a flash flood? (02:07)
  6. What can we do to help prevent floods? (02:38)
  7. Can floods occur in deserts? (02:58)



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