Weird animals in the world

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00:05 “Hey friends! I’m sure you all know what that is!

00:09 It’s a unicorn!

00:11 Sadly, Unicorns may not be real.

00:14 But there are some really weird animals in the real world that you may not know existed.

00:20 Well, then let’s find out.

00:22 Zoom in!

00:24 Mantis Shrimp is a colorful ocean creature.

00:28 Which is much deadlier than it looks!

00:30 The clubs on its arms can shoot out with the force of a gunshot!

00:36 The punch of this little one is so fast,..

00:39 causes a bubble of light and heat when it hits.

00:43 Which is called Cavitation!

00:46 Yikes!

00:47 They can not only see color, but also UV and Polarised Light!

00:53 Furthermore, their eyes can even move separately from each other!

00:59 We may not have a super-man, but we certainly have a super-SHRIMP!

01:06 Tardigrades!

01:07 Also known as Water Bears, are even stronger!

01:11 Boil them, deep-freeze them, crush them, dry them out or blast them into space…

01:19 Tardigrades will survive it all and come back for more!

01:23 Tardigrades have been around for 500 Million years!

01:28 Even longer than the Dinosaurs!

01:33 Glaucus Atlanticus!

01:35 Wow! Isn’t it pretty?

01:38 This beautiful creature called Glaucus Atlanticus is a tricky ocean being.

01:44 That likes to go with the flow, literally.

01:48 It moves where the wind and the waves take it…

01:51 Which is why they can be found all over the world.

01:56 But don’t go on its looks, it carries a deadly poison in its limbs.

02:01 Which it steals from its prey, such as the Portuguese Man O War.

02:07 Its trickery doesn’t end there.

02:10 This Blue Sea Slug, floats on the water upside down to camouflage itself..

02:16 ..from predators both above and below.

02:20 This is because the colors on both its sides are different.

02:25 Even if they get flipped, they will flip back in order to camouflage themselves.

02:32 Pacu Fish!

02:34 This fish is known for its teeth.

02:36 Which look like none other than Human teeth!

02:40 But you don’t worry, because they usually eat plants.

02:45 And are mostly harmless to humans.

02:49 Narwhal!

02:50 So what if there are no real unicorns on land?

02:54 There are Narwhales, also called Unicorns of the Sea!

02:59 That’s right!

03:00 Well, the males generally have a tusk.

03:03 Which is an enlarged tooth with up to 10 million nerve endings inside.

03:09 Oh, and the tusk can grow up to 10 feet long!


03:17 Did you know that there are about 8.7 million species on Earth?

03:22 Out of which only 1-2 million species are animals!

03:28 The blue whale’s tongue weighs as much as an adult elephant.

03:34So friends, always be inquisitive and keep exploring.

03:39 Who knows you might discover a new animal!

03:43 On this note, this is me, Zooming out!

03:47 Tune in next time for more fun facts.

03:52 Hey Kids, you liked my videos didn’t you?

03:56 Before you go don’t forget to click on the subscribe button and the bell.

04:01 So you won’t miss out on my latest videos.

04:06 See you.



  1. Do unicorns really exist? (00:11)
  2. How powerful is the shoot out of a mantis shrimp? (00:30)
  3. What can a mantis shrimp see with his eyes? (00:47)
  4. Can Tardigrades survive in deep-freeze condition? (01:11)
  5. How long Have tardigrades been around on Earth? (01:23)
  6. What’s the secret weapon of Glaucuc Atlanticus? (01:56)
  7. How many species are on Earth? (03:17)
  8. The blue whale’s tongue weighs as much as which animal? (03:28)



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