Black hole

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00:06 Ohhh! That looks like a black hole.

00:10 Oh no, I shouldn’t be here.

00:13 But, I am not gonna go before I tell you about Black Holes.

00:18 Come with me, Zoom in!

00:22 A black hole is formed when the core of a star collapses and the star explodes.

00:28 Therefore, we can say that a black hole is born..

00:33 ..when a star dies.

00:36 When a massive star reaches the end of its life,..

00:40’s core starts running out of fuel.

00:43 The core is no longer able to hold the star back, resulting in it’s collapse.

00:50 This gives birth to a mini black hole.

00:54 With gravity running wild inside it,..

00:57 ..the black hole starts eating up everything that’s left of the star.

01:02 And, it all happens in mili-seconds,..

01:05 ..even before the star can realise what’s happening to it, it explodes.

01:12 The explosion releases a tremendous amount of energy,..

01:16 ..even more than our Sun can produce in its entire lifetime!

01:21 Whoooaa! Isn’t that crazy?!

01:25 Hmm, let me tell you a secret!

01:28 You could turn into a black hole!

01:31 Yup!

01:32 The computer you’re using, me or anything around you that has matter,..

01:38 ..has a Schwarzschild Radius,..

01:41 ..also called the Gravitational Radius.

01:44 Which is the radius of the tiny sphere,..

01:48 ..into which if a mass of an object is compressed to fit in,..

01:52 ..its escape speed would be equal to the speed of light.

01:56 Which is way too much!

01:58 But chances of you turning into a black hole are rare..

02:02 ..because of the tiny size of your Schwarszchild Radius.

02:07 Stuff that gets too close to a black hole gets sucked in..

02:11 ..because of the super humungous gravitational pull.

02:16 So, nothing can escape a black hole, not even light!

02:21 Hey, have you ever wondered what would happen if two black holes collided?

02:27 Chances are, that they might become one big massive black hole.

02:32 Or probably put up a fight and send one of them hurtling away.

02:38 The bigger the mightier! Hhaha!

02:42 Trivia Time!

02:44 Time runs differently near and inside a black hole..

02:48 ..and this has to do a lot with gravity.

02:53 The nearest black hole to Eath is 1600 light years away!

02:58 Don’t worry friends, that’s too long a time..

03:02 ..but you make sure, you don’t take that long to tune in next time for more fun facts.

03:09 This is me Zooming Out!




  1. When does a black hole form? (00:22)
  2. How do you know when a star reaches the near end of its life? (00:40)
  3. How does Dr. binocs describe the amount of energy released upon the star explosion? (01:16)
  4. Can light escape from the gravitational pull of a black hole? (02:16)
  5. What happens when two black holes collide? (02:27, 02:32)
  6. Does time pass the same for all locations? (02:44)
  7. How far is the nearest black hole located? (02:53)
  8. Do you think we can see a black hole?



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