How does the stock market work?

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  1. What does IPO stand for? (1:26)
  2. Why did the Dutch East India Company need so much money? (0:07)
  3. How did the Dutch East India Company raise money? (0:21)
  4. In the modern stock market, how do companies and investors use the market? (1:09)
  5. What happens when the demand for stocks increases? (1:54)
  6. If a company starts to seem less profitable, what would happen to its stock price? (2:19)
  7. Where do you want to invest your money when you build your savings?
  8. Are you willing to take a high risk for a high return?
  9. What would be your top principle when investing in the stock market?
  10. What are the products you purchase regularly? Are you willing to invest in those companies?
  11. Can you list the new vocabulary you learned from this article? What are the definitions of the vocabulary in this context? Can you make your own sentence with the words?
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