Google Calendar sync setting


Our system uses Google Calendar to prevent double-booking.

Our system will book at 35 days mark from the present moment.

You should have a Google account for this.


Go to your Google Calendar, on the top right corner, there’s an icon for settings. Click the button and from its dropdown menu, click ‘Settings

In the left sidebar, there is a section for Settings for my calendars.

The top calendar is usually your primary calendar. It only works with the primary calendar

Under the primary calendar, click on Calendar settings.

Scroll down and find the ‘Share with specific people’ section and click on the ‘Add people‘ section.

Please share it to  and set the sharing level as ‘Make changes to events




Once a regular student signs up, you’ll be notified with an email

The email will contain the student’s information.

The lesson will appear in both Google Calendar and on this website

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