Lesson cancellation policy


There is a cancellation policy requiring 10 hours

Students cannot cancel the lesson in the system with 10 or fewer hours remaining. Consequently, the students will lose their credits and the tutor will still be paid for the session.

Tutors, however, can permit the students to reschedule the lesson by canceling the lesson in the system.

In the case of a reschedule, the student can gain the lesson credit back following an initial cancel in the system.

Please do not mark the cancel as ‘no-show’ when you cancel. Otherwise, the students will not get their credit back.

Similar rules apply to the tutors

When a tutor is unable to teach a lesson, he or she loses a credit that is awarded to the students for a free lesson. Tutors should provide a notification 10 hrs in advance the same way as students.

Please email the students to explain the situation and cc the admin (accentmate@gmail.com). The admin may have to extend the student’s package expiration date. Also, there are some students who cannot be reached by emails.

Cancellations of appointments are done in the following website: acuityscheduling.com

Also, Leave a message to the students in the video call software (Zoom app / Skype) since many students do not check their email often.

Exception for the first lesson

The admin can request to reschedule for students who were unable to complete their first lesson due to unfamiliarity with Zoom software.

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