When a new student book a lesson


Add the student on Zoom

Please add your new student to your Zoom as soon as possible. It’s better to connect with your new students before the lesson time. The student’s Zoom ID is his/her regular email address unless it is mentioned in the student’s profile separately.

Students who successfully book a lesson receive a lesson confirmation email with your Zoom ID and your PMI number. In most cases, students will add you to their contact lists if you haven’t added them ahead. Some students might enter your Zoom meeting room directly through your PMI number.

I suggest the tutors add/accept the student in zoom contact in advance and wait in the meeting room when it is the lesson time. When you find the students online in the contact list, initiate a message or a video call

Check student’s profile for the lesson preference

Please check the student’s profile and see the student’s lesson preferences.

Students select what material they want to use during the lesson.

Also, the profile will show the elements of the lesson they want in the lesson, and also it will show the lists of things they want to avoid in the lesson.

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