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🟥 The lessons are booked with a fixed schedule. Please enter the availability that is valid for the long-term only.

🟨 South Korea doesn’t have a daylight saving system. Therefore the student who booked within your first one hour or the last one hour of the time frame can experience an availability conflict when the summertime begins/ends if your timezone has the daylight saving time system. In this case, they will be notified and guided to change their lesson time.

🟩 Lesson demands are high in the late afternoon in Korea Time. Also, there are some lesson demands in the morning in Korea Time.

🟦 Korea Standard time’s abbreviation is KST. It is UTC + 9 all year long.

🟪 In case you selected your timezone as Seoul while you’re in a country with daylight saving, the beginning and the ending time your lessons will shift one hour when the summertime begins/ends

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