IELTS speaking practice #4 – The Environment

The Environment

Part 1. Introduction and Interview

Time: 4-5 minutes


This part of the test begins with the examiner introducing himself or herself and checking the candidate’s identification. It then continues as an interview.


First I’d like to ask about your hometown.

  1. What kind of place is your hometown?
  2. Tell me about the most interesting place in your hometown.
  3. What changes would you like to make to your hometown?

Now let’s move on to talk about animals.

  1. What kinds of animals are popular pets in your country? Why?
  2. How are animals in your country used for work?
  3. Are there any animals in your country that have special significance?

Let’s talk about travel.

  1. How easy is it to travel in your country?
  2. What form of transport is the most popular? Why?
  3. Are there any parts of your country that are difficult to travel to? Why / Why not?



Part 2. Individual long turn

Time: 3-4 minutes


Now, I’m going to give you a topic and I’d like you to talk about it for 1-2 minutes.

Before you talk you’ll have one minute to think about what you are going to say and you can make notes if you wish. Do you understand?

Ok, here’s some paper and a pencil to make notes, and here is your topic.

Describe an environmental problem that has occurred in your country.

You should say:

  • The cause of the problem
  • What effect it has had on your country
  • The steps, if any, that have been taken to solve this

Explain why you think this problem is so important to solve.

Follow up questions:

  1. Are other people concerned about this problem?
  2. Do you talk about it with your friends?

Part 3. Two-way discussion

Time: 4-5 minutes


We’ve been talking about an environmental problem in your country, and I’d now like to ask you some questions related to this.

First, lets consider global environmental problems.

  1. Tell me about some of the environmental problems that are affecting countries these days?
  2. Do you think that governments around the world are doing enough to tackle the problems?
  3. Why do some people not consider environmental problems to be serious?

Now we’ll look at environmental problems and disasters caused by humans.

  1. What do you consider to be the world’s worst environmental disaster caused by humans?
  2. Why do you think environmental disasters caused by humans happen?
  3. Do you think there will be more environmental disasters caused by humans in the future?



Thank you. That is the end of the speaking test for IELTS.

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