Getting Caught Eating Alone

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00:00 (buzz)

00:03 (downtempo music)

00:04 – Mmmm, finally.

00:06 A moment alone, a chance to be by myself.

00:09 How’s that tweet doing? – Rekha?

00:13 – Kelsey, oh my, hey guys!

00:15 – How are you?

00:16 – I’m good.

00:17 (chuckles)

00:18 – Are you alone, you wanna come and join us?

00:19 – Oh no, I’m meeting someone.

00:20 – Oh, okay.

00:22 – Not alone.

00:23 Oh fuck, why did I do that?

00:25 I’m not meeting anyone!

00:27 They’re gonna think I’m [simple_tooltip content=’stand someone up: to not come to meet someone who you have arranged to meet, especially someone who you are having or starting a sexual or romantic relationship with 예) Did she stand you up?’]being stood up. [/simple_tooltip]

00:28 – Hi there ma’am, how are you?

00:30 – Hi, I’m not alone!

00:32 – Oh okay, well can I get you another menu for when your friend arrives?

00:35 – Yes, he will need a menu to order his dinner.

00:38 – Okay.

00:40 – No, stop lying, you idiot!

00:42 I shouldn’t be embarrassed about eating alone,

00:44 it’s a regular thing to do!

00:46 – Here you are.

00:49 – Actually, my friend will no longer be joining me,

00:52 there was an emergency, so.

00:53 – Oh I’m so sorry, so it’ll just be you then.

00:59 – No, I won’t be alone actually,

01:01 I called a different friend in the meantime,

01:03 he’s very famous, so he will be joining me

01:05 for dinner at this restaurant, so just [simple_tooltip content=’snag: to get or catch something by acting quickly 예1) They had have gone bust if they had not snagged that contract from their rivals. 예2) It was a good hit, but 이승엽 snagged it for the final out of the inning.’]snag[/simple_tooltip] this back.

01:08 – Can I get you anything while you wait?

01:10 – We will take a bottle of nice wine,

01:14 to share.

01:14 – Sure.

01:16 – Oh gods, what have I done?

01:17 No, no!

01:18 This is their fault.

01:20 Why did they offer me a seat?

01:22 We’re casual [simple_tooltip content=’acquaintance: someone you know a little, who is not a close friend 예) He recognized Mr. Hunter as an old business acquaintance from his years in banking.’]acquaintances[/simple_tooltip] at best!

01:25 They want to eat a whole meal with me?

01:27 I like looking at my phone and not talking to anyone,

01:30 don’t they understand?

01:31 Being alone is okay!

01:34 They’re the crazy ones!

01:36 – Your wine.

01:38 – Great.

01:40 Yeah, my friend came in while no one was looking.

01:43 He [simple_tooltip content=’rush off: to hurry away from someplace. I am sorry, but I will have to rush off from this meeting before it is over. 예) Mary had to rush off before the party was over.’]rushed off[/simple_tooltip] to the bathroom,

01:44 it’s funny, he was stuck in traffic,

01:47 he had to go to the bathroom so badly,

01:50 so then he came, he just [simple_tooltip content=’zip: to move very quickly, or to make something move very quickly 예) The car zipped past at 100 mph.’]zipped[/simple_tooltip] by,

01:52 so nobody even saw him, he was really fast,

01:54 it’s Martin Sheen.

01:56 – Your friend is Martin Sheen?

01:57 – Yeah, oh.

01:59 He told me he’s very very hungry,

02:02 so if we could get two king crab dinners,

02:05 that would be great.

02:06 So it’s two, one for him, one for me.

02:07 – Certainly, right away.

02:08 – Great, thank you so much.

02:09 Could she tell I’m lying?

02:10 Can she tell I’m afraid of what people think?

02:12 Can she tell I’m afraid of fish?

02:14 – Here you are.

02:15 Two king crab dinners…

02:17 (forced laugh)

02:18 – Martin, you are so funny,

02:20 that’s such a good West Wing story,

02:22 what a good friend you are.

02:25 – Oh no, can he tell I’ve never tasted crab before?

02:27 Can he tell I don’t know how to drive?

02:29 Can he tell I have a cat, and the cat’s name is Jessica?

02:31 Can he tell I’m afraid of hermit crabs outside of their shell?

02:34 Does he know I don’t have an appendix?

02:37 – What, Rekha knows Martin Sheen?

02:38 (uptempo hip-hop)

02:45 – Hi, I’m Rekha from CollegeHumor,

02:47 click here to subscribe,

02:48 click here for other fun stuff,

02:50 and thank you so much for watching,

02:52 I love my job and I’m definitely not trapped in this video.

02:56 (breathes out)

03:02 Things are great.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator][vc_column_text]


  1. Do you enjoy being alone?
  2. What do you think of eating alone in a restaurant?
  3. Do you prefer to plan your trip with someone else or do you prefer to go by yourself?
  4. What are the pros and cons of eating alone?
  5. Can you enjoy eating alone without your smartphone?
  6. Can you share any embarrassing moment you can think of?
  7. Do you have an experience of being stood up before? or stand someone up?
  8. What was the longest time you’ve ever waited for someone? what happened?
  9. Do you like a king crab dinner?



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