Now Is the Time to Do Something

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00:01 (upbeat music)

00:04 – The Muslim ban is going into effect.

00:07 This is so scary.

00:09 – Damn, you know,

00:11 now is the time that we all need to step up, and do something.

00:16 – Now? – Yeah,

00:17 now is the time.

00:19 – I mean, [simple_tooltip content=’marginalize: to make someone or something seem not important or relevant’]marginalized[/simple_tooltip] people have been [simple_tooltip content=’oppress: to treat people who are less powerful in an unfair and cruel way 예) Trade unionists had been ruthlessly oppressed during the dictatorship.’]oppressed[/simple_tooltip] for ages,

00:22 and we should really always be stepping up.

00:24 – Damn. – Damn.

00:26 – You know she has a point.

00:26 – Damn, yeah.

00:27 – Now is the time that I start listening to people that are different than me.

00:30 – Were you not doing that before?

00:31 You should always listen to people that are different from you.

00:34 Not just now.

00:36 – But now, too.

00:39 – Betsy DeVos got confirmed.

00:41 She’s awful.

00:42 – Damn. You know, now’s the time

00:44 that really have to start stepping up.

00:46 – Hmm.

00:47 – You said this before.

00:50 Did you not step up?

00:53 – I would have,

00:55 but now I see that now is really the time.

00:59 – Hmm. – Hmm.

00:59 – Trapp, – Hmm.

01:00 – It is always the time.

01:02 There is never a time where we shouldn’t be stepping up.

01:05 – Damn. – Damn.

01:08 – I really see that now.

01:11 – This healthcare bill is horrible.

01:14 – Damn, you know, I thought it was the time

01:17 to stand up before,

01:18 and even once before that.

01:19 But now I see that now is the time.

01:22 – Yeah, I mean we all thought

01:24 this would [simple_tooltip content=’go away: to stop existing or being noticeable 예) The pain should go away in a couple of hours.
‘]go away[/simple_tooltip] on its own.

01:25 – No we didn’t.

01:26 – Totally. – But I’ve really

01:27 been thinking about things,

01:28 and it’s starting to dawn on me how [simple_tooltip content=’dire: very severe or serious
예) News reports portray the situation as dire.’]dire[/simple_tooltip] everything is,

01:31 now. – It’s like newsflash,

01:32 Rekha.

01:33 The country’s divided.

01:35 – Damn,

01:36 he’s right.

01:37 – Damn.

01:38 – Damn. – I know the country’s divided.

01:40 People have been protesting for ages.

01:42 – Damn. – Damn.

01:43 – We’ve gotta [simple_tooltip content=’step up: to take action when there is a need or opportunity for it 예) Investors have to step up and assume more responsibility for their assets.’]step up[/simple_tooltip] now.

01:45 – Now. – That’s so true.

01:46 – So true, damn.

01:48 – Trump won’t even [simple_tooltip content=’condemn: to say publicly that you think someone or something is bad or wrong 예) Politicians have condemned the attacks.’]condemn[/simple_tooltip] white supremacists?

01:51 – Damn, you know, I think it is

01:52 finally time for me to call my senator.

01:55 – Were you not doing that before?

01:57 – I mean we all thought this was gonna

01:58 go away on its own, ya know?

01:59 – Totally. – No, we didn’t.

02:01 – Oh, if it’s gonna be a whole thing,

02:02 I don’t want to disturb anyone else in the office.

02:04 (police sirens wail)

02:08 – We live in a [simple_tooltip content=’fascism: a very right-wing political system in which the government is very powerful and controls the society and the economy completely, not allowing any opposition. Fascism was practiced in Italy and Germany in the 1930s and 40s.’]fascist[/simple_tooltip] country, boys.

02:10 We’re all [simple_tooltip content=’doom: to make someone or something certain to fail, be destroyed, be extremely unhappy etc’]doomed[/simple_tooltip].

02:11 – Damn. – Damn.

02:12 – Things are out of control now.

02:14 – Yeah, it’s getting real now.

02:15 – Now. – Now.

02:16 – Now. – Now.

02:17 – Now,

02:19 action.

02:21 – You see this article? Things are nuts.

02:23 – I hate to drop this bomb.

02:24 – Drop it.

02:25 – We’re really in a crisis now.

02:26 – I may even have to register to vote now.

02:28 – Damn. – Damn, I know.

02:29 (police sirens wail)

02:30 (chopper buzzes)

02:34 – I’m not saying I will have to,

02:35 I’m just saying I might.

02:37 – Things are so bad,

02:38 they’re not even funny anymore, now.

02:40 – Who knew we actually do all those things?

02:42 No one til now.

02:43 – Newsflash, white supremacy exists.

02:46 Who knew?

02:47 – No one until now.

02:48 – It’s crazy that we’re the first ones to see this.

02:50 – Who knew we’d be the peacemakers ahead of our time?

02:52 – It’s crazy that it’s already not even funny anymore, now.

02:55 – Yeah, it was funny, but it already even more not.

02:57 – Everybody shut up!

03:00 So many people have been saying what you’re saying.

03:03 It was never funny,

03:04 and it was always bad.

03:06 Trump and people like him,

03:09 have been oppressing marginalized people forever.

03:13 Forget now,

03:14 boys.

03:15 The time

03:17 is

03:18 always.

03:21 – Damn.

03:23 – You know, I’m glad Rekha finally decided to say something now.

03:27 Things are awful.

03:29 And they have been awful for a long time.

03:31 And I am finally, really ready

03:34 to stand up,

03:35 and do something.

03:37 (chopper buzzes)

03:39 (gun blasts)

03:45 – Oh, not now, though. later.

03:49 Guys, is this hat working?

03:51 I feel like I’ve been wearing it for a while

03:52 and no one has said anything.

03:55 – Hi, I’m Rekha from CollegeHumor.

03:56 Click here to subscribe,

03:58 click here for other fun stuff,

03:59 and thank you so much for watching.

04:00 I love

04:01 my job

04:02 and I’m definitely not trapped in this video.

04:06 (glass squeaking)

04:08 (upbeat drumming)

04:11 – Things are great.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator][vc_column_text]


  1. When you make up your mind for something, do you take an action immediately?
  2. Have you ever stepped up for something before?
  3. Are you good at listening to people that are different from you?
  4. Does a problem go away on its own?
  5. Have you ever voted? What does it feel like?
  6. What are the problems and issues you’re facing right now?
  7. What problems are there in your city or country?
  8. How often do you read or watch the latest news?



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