The Other Side Of Adele’s “Hello”

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00:02 – As you can see red lines have increased over time

00:06 while blue lines–

00:07 (phone ringing)

00:08 – Oh shit, sorry guys.

00:09 I swore I [simple_tooltip content=’turn off: to stop a piece of equipment working temporarily by pressing a button or by moving a switch’]turned this off[/simple_tooltip].

00:12 Sorry.

00:13 – Anyway, we can expect that over time–

00:16 (phone ringing)

00:17 – Ah shit, sorry sorry sorry.

00:20 – What’s going on, who keeps calling you?

00:22 – It’s just my ex, it’s probably nothing

00:24 but let me just send a quick text to be sure.

00:27 Sorry about that.

00:28 – Well, if there are no more [simple_tooltip content=’interruption: something that someone says or does that stops someone else when they are speaking or concentrating on something
예) He carried on, ignoring interruptions from the defence lawyer.’]interruptions[/simple_tooltip].

00:30 (phone ringing)

00:31 – Okay I really think this might be an emergency.

00:33 Alright let me just take this really quickly, I’m sorry.

00:37 – Hello.

00:38 ♫ Hello it’s me ♫

00:42 – Yeah I know, what’s going on?

00:43 You must have called a thousand times.

00:45 ♫ I was wondering if after all

00:47 ♫ these years you’d like to meet ♫

00:50 – What!

00:51 Seriously, I thought you were dying or something.

00:54 You called so much.

00:55 ♫ When I call you never

00:59 ♫ seem to be home ♫

01:01 – Yeah, ’cause I don’t like [simple_tooltip content=’pick up: to lift someone or something up from a surface
예1) He picked the phone up and dialled.
예2) She rushed to pick up the baby as soon as it started to cry.’]picking up[/simple_tooltip] the phone, okay.

01:05 Most people always just text.

01:07 ♫ There’s such a difference

01:10 ♫ between us ♫

01:13 – Yeah, I guess so, okay.

01:15 Look, if you need to [simple_tooltip content=’reach: to succeed in talking to someone by telephone or radio
예) I will leave you a number where I can be reached in an emergency.’]reach[/simple_tooltip] me again,

01:17 just text me or email or hell, even Facebook message.

01:20 I still haven’t downloaded the separate app for it

01:22 but I’ll see it when I log into Facebook.

01:25 Okay? Hello?

01:28 I lost the connection.

01:30 – You know that’s fine,

01:31 because I did actually work hard on this presentation.

01:33 – I just don’t understand

01:34 why she didn’t send an email at 3 am like a normal person.

01:37 – I can’t remember the last time I actually called someone.

01:39 – Right?

01:40 And definitely not an ex.

01:41 – No, they don’t talk to me.

01:43 – Yeah, that’s not a calling relationship.

01:45 – Call a doctor.

01:46 – You can call a doctor.

01:47 – Text a doctor.

01:48 – I would love to be able to text a doctor.

01:49 (phone ringing)

01:50 – [Mike] Sorry. – [Woman] Come on.

01:53 – Hello.

01:54 ♫ Hello

01:56 ♫ How are you ♫

01:58 – I’m fine, I just can’t talk right now okay.

02:00 I don’t know what time it is there,

02:02 but it’s the middle of the workday here.

02:03 ♫ I’m in California ♫

02:05 – You’re in California?

02:07 Since when, when did you get here?

02:09 I thought you were in England or something.

02:10 ♫ It’s so typical of me

02:13 ♫ to talk about myself I’m sorry ♫

02:16 – Okay, no no no, we’re talking about this now

02:19 because you’re here.

02:20 You didn’t come here just to check in on me, did you?

02:23 (dial tone)

02:24 Hello?

02:24 Hello!

02:26 I lost the connection again.

02:27 It’s like she’s calling from some [simple_tooltip content=’outdated: old and no longer suitable for modern purposes, methods, or situations
예1) The office computer system is hopelessly outdated.
예2) outdated ideas about the family’]outdated[/simple_tooltip] phone.

02:29 (phone ringing)

02:32 – What!

02:33 ♫ Hello can you hear me ♫

02:37 – Barely, sounds like you’re calling

02:39 from the middle of a windstorm or something.

02:41 ♫ Hello from the outside ♫

02:46 – Go inside.

02:47 Hello.

02:48 Okay look I’m [simple_tooltip content=’hang up: to stop using a telephone at the end of a conversation
예) George hung up and sat back in his chair.’]hanging up[/simple_tooltip] now, I’m gonna hang up.

02:51 Don’t be mad.

02:52 I’m hanging up because I can’t hear you okay.

02:55 I’m hanging up!

03:00 Alright, go ahead.

03:02 – Trapp, if these calls keep affecting your life,

03:04 you should just [simple_tooltip content=’cut someone out: to not allow someone to do something or get something
예) I do not want to cut the children out of our plans.’]cut her out[/simple_tooltip] completely.

03:06 – I know.

03:07 – Yeah man, you have a weird relationship with her.

03:09 – I know I,

03:12 I’m afraid she’s gonna write a song about me.

03:16 Hi, it’s Mike Trapp from CollegeHumor.

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03:21 And if you want to investigate

03:23 the spooky old McCreery House,

03:24 even though your mom warned you not to,

03:26 turn to page 87.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator][vc_column_text]


  1. Have you ever forgotten to turn off your phone in a class or a conference and your phone rang?
  2. Do you prefer texting or a phone call?
  3. Do you set your own ringtone? or do you just use the default ringtone?
  4. Do you maintain a good relationship with your ex?
  5. What would you feel if your ex moved from overseas to the city where you live in?
  6. If someone calls you over and over persistently over unimportant matters, what would you do?
  7. Do you the singer Adelle?
  8. What do you think of Adelle?



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