It’s Technically a Meal

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00:03 – Hi there.

00:04 If you’re a busy working guy like me,

00:05 you don’t always have time to cook.

00:07 So rather than go grocery shopping,

00:09 you [simple_tooltip content=’to trust someone or something to do something for you
예) My brother can help. At least we can rely on him.’]rely[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’involving nothing except the person or thing mentioned
예) They were interested solely in schemes that would make a lot of money.’]solely[/simple_tooltip] on what’s already in your kitchen.

00:12 Let’s figure it out this week on

00:13 Technically a Meal.

00:15 (bright music)

00:24 – As per usual, it’s 2 p.m., I haven’t done anything today,

00:27 and I have no idea what’s in here.

00:29 Let’s [simple_tooltip content=’give something a spin: Giving it a try. So determining whether something works or how something works by using it and seeing if/when it does not work (trying something). ‘]give her a spin[/simple_tooltip].

00:36 Okay, I thought there’d be…

00:39It was kinda slim pickings, but I think we [simple_tooltip content=’to produce or provide something that people want
예) We’re in big trouble if we don’t come up with the money by 6 o’clock.’]came up with[/simple_tooltip] something pretty good.

00:43 [simple_tooltip content=’spoken / used for introducing the first of a series of things that you are going to say
EX) First off, I want to tell you how much I like your work.’]First off[/simple_tooltip], we have ketchup, some hot sauce,

00:45 a quarter container of parmesan cheese,

00:48 some olives, some eggs,

00:49 a second, older bottle of ketchup,

00:51 an avocado, some soup,

00:53 and leftover lo mein noodles that…

00:59 that are bad.

01:01 These went bad.

01:04 That really sucks.

01:06 That was gonna, that was gonna be, like,

01:07 a big part of it.

01:10 That was sort of a central, but–

01:13 A couple of bites of what seems to be spaghetti.

01:16 So, the plan is, we’re just gonna put it together…

01:23 and we’re gonna heat it up.

01:24 We’re gonna heat it up and we’re gonna put it together.

01:26 We’re gonna put it together and we’re gonna heat it up.

01:30 Yeah.

01:32 So I just realized these eggs are actually expired,

01:34 but not by a lot, so there’s an actual way to tell whether an egg is old.

01:39 There’s an egg test.

01:40 So let’s just get started on that.

01:43 If an egg sinks in the water…

01:48 If your egg sinks in water, then it is good to go!

01:56 Maybe easier with one hand…

02:00 Sometimes it doesn’t wanna sink,

02:01 and you have to make it sink.

02:05 If your egg sinks in water, then it’s good to go!

02:09 Now, the trick with an avocado is–

02:11 (metallic clanging)

02:14 This is–

02:15 (banging)

02:16 a [simple_tooltip content=’the literal meaning of a word is its most basic meaning’]literal[/simple_tooltip] rock?

02:18 So even if the egg is a little old, it looks fine to me.

02:22 And don’t forget to heat up your spaghetti in a pan

02:24 to make you feel like you’re actually cooking.

02:26 So I’m gonna give this a little minute

02:28 and check in on my soup, which is heating up

02:29 in the microwave for a little appetizer.

02:32 (laughs)

02:36 (microwave beeps)

02:39 Whoa!

02:39 Here we go.

02:41 Oh man, where are we, a fancy restaurant?

02:46 That’s salsa.

02:48 Ugh.

02:49 Soup looks like salsa.

02:52 Alright, let’s check back in on these eggs.

02:54 Oh, cool, this is done, great.

02:57 And now it’s time to put it all together.

02:59 (lively music)

03:04 Aw, shit.

03:05 I’ll [simple_tooltip content=’to put things together without any order
E.g) I sorted all the papers and you’ve mixed them up again.’]mix up[/simple_tooltip] the ketchup and the hot sauce,

03:08 and do a little bit of that.

03:13 Oh, that’s nice.

03:14 And there we have it.

03:15 This is our dish.

03:16 This is spaghetti,

03:17 this is hot sauce…

03:21 Hot ketchup egg spaghetti.

03:25 Hot ketchup egg spaghetti.

03:26 I’m gonna check real quick that I don’t have a coupon on Postmates.

03:33 And I don’t.

03:35 There you go!

03:38 And that’s Technically a Meal.

03:43 (retches)

03:49 Ugh, the eggs were bad.

03:53 Hi, it’s Zack from CollegeHumor.

03:54 Thanks for watching.

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03:57 or you can click over here for something else fun.

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04:01 I like ’em.

04:02 (chomps)

04:06 Mmm, clicks.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator][vc_column_text]


  1. Do you enjoy cooking?
  2. Do you cook for yourself or do you live with someone who cooks for you?
  3. What’s the biggest challenge for preparing a meal?
  4. How often do you eat?
  5. What’s your favorite dish?
  6. What would you make if you invite over 10 close friends? why?
  7. Do you use a dishwashing machine?
  8. Do you discard everything expired? or do you check it out first and see if it’s still edible before you discard it?

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