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  00:09 Woaaah! Whats that glow? 00:14 Hey, whats up guys? 00:16 Did I eat something that glows for dinner? 00:19 No, you didn’t! 00:23 Oh, I can’t believe my eyes! 00:26 Its you Mr. Firefly! 00:28 Its been ages! 00:30 Oh, yes, Dr. Binocs, long time no see! 00:33 Why don’t you tell your friends about me? 00:36 Good idea! So guys, today let me tell you all about fireflies! 00:42 Zoom in! 00:45 So, you might be wondering why do fireflies glow? 00:49 There are various reasons to it. 00:52 Some glow to appear distasteful to their predators. 00:55 because a chemical called lucibufagin, which helps them glow. 01:01 Doesn’t go well with the predator’s taste buds, it does taste pretty gross. 01:09 Well, some of them are sort of flirty. 01:14 They have a specific pattern of flashing light to their love! 01:19 The males use this pattern to let a female know that they are interested in them! 01:26 And if the Female lets out a similar lighting flash in response,.. 01:33 ..then the fire of love ignites between them! 01:38 How lovely! 01:41 Oh, and also, they are 100% light givers! 01:45 Confused right? 01:47 Well, when a light bulb lights up, it gives out 10% light. 01:52 And the other 90% is lost as heat. 01:59 But when the fireflies glow, they give out 100% light! 02:06 Super efficient, aren’t they? 02:09 Now you’d be wondering as to how do these fireflies glow? 02:13 Are they magical or do they have some super power? 02:19 No! Its all chemical! 02:24 They have a chemical called Luciferin inside their tails.. 02:28 ..along with an extra oxygen electron.. 02:31 ..combined with calcium and adenosine triphosphate. 02:36 Which contribute to a chemical reaction that sparks up their bioluminescent light! 02:43 TRIVIA TIME! 02:45 Did you know some fireflies are cannibals? 02:49 Yes, they eat other fireflies for food! 02:54 Some firefly larvae live under water. 02:57 They have gills to help them breathe! 03:01 So guys! Didn’t you like knowing all this about Fireflies? 03:06 Oh.. Okay! 03:08 No, let me say this. 03:09 So, tune in next time for more fun facts! 03:12 Haha! This is us zooooooming out! 03:18 Hey kids, you liked my videos didn’t you? 03:22 Before you go don’t forget to click the subscribe button and the bell. 03:27 So you won’t miss out on my latest videos. 03:32 See you.   [/vc_column_text][vc_separator][vc_column_text]


  1. What’s the name of the chemical helps fireflies glow? (00:55)
  2. How does the glow chemical taste? (01:01)
  3. What signals do males bugs send out with the glow pattern to females? (01:19)
  4. How efficient are the bugs in turning energy into the light? (01:59)
  5. What helps the firefly to breathe underwater? (02:57)
  6. What does it mean by ‘cannibal’? Can you look up your dictionary and explain it?
  7. Have you seen a firefly? When and where did you see the firefly?


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