Canceling Plans Showdown

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00:04 [Caldwell]: Oh, man. What a week.

00:06 Happy Friday!

00:07 [Katie]: Happy Friday, Kassia.

00:08 [Grant]: Thanks. Got plans?

00:09 [Kassia]: Thanks. Any plans?

00:10 [Caldwell]: Uh, yeah; I think I’m gonna go see a movie.

00:12 How about you?

00:12 [Katie]: Ah, you know, blow a couple fat rails.

00:15 You?

00:15 [Grant]: I’m supposed to [simple_tooltip content=’hang or hang out: to spend time in a particular place or with particular people’]hang out[/simple_tooltip] with Kassia,

00:16 but I wanna cancel.

00:17 [Kassia]: Hanging out with Grant.

00:19 But I want to cancel.

00:20 [Caldwell]: Good luck with that.

00:21 [Katie]: Good luck.

00:22 I love cocaine.

00:25 (Western Showdown Music)

01:15 (music intensifies)

01:23 [Grant]: Hey, super excited for tonight.

01:25 [Kassia]: Yeah. Me too, man.

01:26 This gallery is the best.

01:28 I’m super excited.

01:30 [Grant]: Me too.

01:31 Me too.

01:32 Me too, me too.

01:35 Yeah. Me too.

01:36 Where is it again?

01:38 [Kassia]: Downtown.

01:39 [Grant]: Downtown!

01:40 Oh, great!

01:41 Oh, I never get to hang out downtown.

01:42 That’s great. I am super excited.

01:45 [Kassia]: Yeah, same. Super, super, super excited.

01:48 I do know that traffic is gonna be pretty rough, though…

01:51 I don’t wanna [simple_tooltip content=’to fill a particular amount of space or time
eg1) These files take up a lot of disk space.
eg2) I will try not to take up too much of your time.’]take up[/simple_tooltip] too much of your time.

01:53 [Grant]: It’s fine! I don’t mind!

01:55 Oh- but I don’t want you to have to sit in traffic,

01:57 That’s murder on your gas bill.

01:58 I’d feel bad.

01:59 [Both]: Oh, but we never hang out,

02:01 just like, the two of us,

02:02 [Kassia]: We have to do this. [Grant]: Oh, gosh, yeah.

02:03 [Kassia]: We never… Just like, us, you know?

02:05 [Grant]: Great.

02:06 So we’re still on.

02:07 Okay.

02:09 Now, I know you have to be up kinda early,

02:11 And we’ll probably be out really late,

02:13 So, if you cant make it…

02:14 [Kassia]: Don’t be ridiculous!

02:15 I love staying out late!

02:17 I’m like, one of those people

02:18 in the painting, of the diner,

02:20 but I do know that you sometimes

02:21 have trouble sleeping, and you need a

02:23 full hour of lying down before you can fall asleep,

02:25 so if you can’t make it…

02:28 [Both Arguing]

02:34 [Kassia]: We’re still on! That’s awesome.

02:35 So awesome.

02:37 I do know that the cover charge is gonna be pretty [simple_tooltip content=’steep prices are very high’]steep[/simple_tooltip], and I know you’re really broke right now-

02:42 [Grant]: I do know that you have like,

02:43 a carton of milk in your fridge

02:44 that’s about to go bad…

02:45 [Both]: So, if you need to go home-

02:48 No! No!

02:50 [Kassia]: I do not need to go home.

02:52 [Grant]: Aw, let’s get a drink after!

02:54 [Kassia]: A drink? Let’s get dinner!

02:55 [Grant]: Dinner? Let’s go to a concert!

02:57 [Kassia]: A concert? Let’s go to a music festival!

02:58 [Grant]: A music festival? Let’s start a band!

03:00 [Kassia]: You and I are starting a band!

03:03 [Grant]: This weekend!

03:03 [Kassia]: Saturday!

03:04 [Grant]: And Sunday!

03:05 [Kassia]: Great. [Grant]: Great.

03:07 [Kassia]: I am super excited.

03:08 [Grant]: Super.

03:10 [Kassia]: We should go.

03:13 [Grant]: Yes.

03:15 Let’s go.

03:19 [Kassia]: You got the directions?

03:20 [Grant]: Yep. Got the tickets?

03:23 [Kassia]: Yep.

03:35 (music ends)

03:37 [Both making excuses]

03:45 [Both]: We should totally hang out soon.

03:48 [Elevator dings]

03:48 [Katie]: I forgot my cocaine. Do you guys want-

03:50 [Gunshots]

03:56 Hey, I’m Kassia from CollegeHumor.

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04:03 Now, can I get my f****** chocolate latte?

04:05 No, it’s a hot chocolate with extra foam, Idiot.

04:12 Don’t forget to click. (Chuckles)

04:16 Just kidding. I drink.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator][vc_column_text]


  1. What do you usually do on weekends?
  2. Do you like to hang out with your friends or do you prefer to stay home?
  3. What’s your favorite activity to do on weekends?
  4. Do you like to hang out with a small group of people or a large group of people?
  5. Do you have an experience in making a plan that you don’t want to be part of?
  6. What do you think of people canceling plans in the last minute?
  7. Can you think of any good idea on how to cancel your get-together plan at the last minute?



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