How your digestive system works

*Please copy and paste the following questions to Google Document and share the document with your student. It will be instantly synced while you enter your student’s answers or corrections.

  1. How much food does an average man consume each day? (00:06)
  2. What are the four main components of the digestive system described in this video? (00:54-1:27)
  3. When does our digestive process begin? (01:37)
  4. How much saliva do we produce per day? (01:47)
  5. How long does food stay in the stomach? (02:56)
  6. The enzymes in the small intestine turn proteins and carbohydrates into what molecules? (03:33)
  7. How long does a typical food journey last? (04:29)
  8. What is the hardest food to digest for you? What symptoms do you get?
  9. Can you digest well even when you’re sleeping? Do you avoid eating before you sleep?
  10. Can you list the new vocabulary you learned from this article? What are the definitions of the vocabulary in this context? Can you make your own sentence with the words?
  11. Write down anything else the student should review.
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