Grant and Katie Are Starting Their Own Company

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00:04 (metal music)

00:06 – I’m back!

00:06 – Yeah!

00:07 – I’m [simple_tooltip content=’to annoy someone very much
eg) It really pisses me off when you talk like that.’]pissed off[/simple_tooltip]!

00:08 – Same!

00:09 – Nobody here respects me!

00:10 – Me neither.

00:11 – It’s time to finally do something about it.

00:12 – Yes I’ll help.

00:12 – What’re we gonna do?

00:13 – Start out own company.

00:14 – YEAH! That’ll show ’em.

00:15 – Yeah!

00:17 – What should our new company do?

00:18 – It’s gotta be something really different than that shit hole CollegeHumor

00:21 maybe something with like um

00:23 cars.

00:24 – Cars are pretty big right now

00:26 what’re we just gonna make a new type of car to sell?

00:28 – Eventually I think we will yes

00:29 but we don’t have the money for that yet.

00:30 – Hmm

00:33 What if we make online videos – ([simple_tooltip content=’to laugh or say things to show that you think someone or something is stupid or deserves no respect
eg) It is easy to scoff when you have not tried it yourself.
eg) Economic analysts scoff at claims that inflation is on the rise.’]scoffs[/simple_tooltip]) about cars until we have money.

00:37 – I love that.

00:38 I love that.

00:39 And the videos don’t have to all be about cars.

00:40 – Oh my god, please

00:42 cars are boring.

00:43 Here’s the thing,

00:45 people like comedy.

00:47 They love to laugh.

00:48 We make funny videos.

00:50 – I love that.

00:52 So wait a minute,

00:53 Is that getting a little similar to what Buzz Feed does?

00:57 – It would be similar but not the same.

00:59 – I love it.

01:00 Okay now we have to think of a great name.

01:01 – It can’t be anything like shit hole CollegeHumor.

01:04 – [simple_tooltip content=’used for emphasizing how unpleasant someone or something is
eg1) This wine tastes awful.
eg2) These awful people behind us talked all through the film.’]awful[/simple_tooltip] name awful company.

01:05 What about Comedy Time?

01:06 – Hm okay it’s okay,

01:08 but here’s the thing,

01:10 I prefer the word humor, instead of comedy

01:12 and who’s our target demographic?

01:14 – College kids.

01:15 – So like,

01:15 Humor College?

01:16 – That’s so close.

01:17 Oh!

01:18 CollegeHumor!

01:19 – I love it!

01:20 – Now it’s gonna be difficult to have

01:22 a two person sketch comedy company.

01:23 – Oh!

01:24 Oh Brian! (metal music)

01:27 Here’s the thing,

01:28 I have friends

01:29 – Ah ha!

01:30 – And they might be interested in [simple_tooltip content=’to work with someone in order to produce something
eg) We have been collaborating closely with teachers in devising the lesson plans.’]collaborating[/simple_tooltip].

01:31 Shall I call them in?

01:32 – Yes

01:33 (yells)

01:34 – What?

01:35 – We’re mad as hell and we’re not gonna take it anymore.

01:38 We’re leaving this hell hole for good

01:39 and we’re starting our own company.

01:41  Yeah eventually we’re gonna start selling cars,

01:43 but until then we’re gonna make videos

01:45 about pop culture,

01:45 things you [simple_tooltip content=’to notice someone doing something, or to notice something happening
eg) Similar trends may be observed in most modern societies.’]observe[/simple_tooltip],

01:46 anything really.

01:47 The important thing is we’re going to put those videos online.

01:50 – This sounds exactly like what we do now.

01:52 Who are your cast members?

01:54 – We were thinking you guys plus Rega.

01:55 – No Trap.

01:56 It’s gonna feel different.

01:57 – Grant,

01:58 here’s the thing,

01:59 Trap is actually an incredibly talented writer and performer we should have him.

02:02 – Okay yeah we should definitely have (mumbles)

02:04 and you know who else we should have is Chevanne.

02:06 – Yes.

02:06 – Because, we want it to feel different than CollegeHumor.

02:08 – Chevanne works at CollegeHumor.

02:10 – Well she hasn’t for a year.

02:11 And you know who else we should get is Sam Rice.

02:13 – Love him.

02:14 – Because he’s got a lot of good ideas

02:15 and I feel like he’s sick of that bullshit.

02:17 – Where are your offices located?

02:19 – This office.

02:20 The office.

02:21 – How would you pay us?

02:22 – That’s an excellent question.

02:23 We’re thinking we’re going to involve a big company

02:25 with a lot of money and they’re going to give us

02:27 that money to pay salaries and…

02:30 Benefits.

02:31 – Like a parent company.

02:32 – Brilliant!

02:33 – Ooh I like her.

02:33 – What’s the name of this new company?

02:38 – CollegeHumor

02:41 – Jesus Christ,

02:42 okay we have to go.

02:43 We have real work to do for CollegeHumor.

02:45 – It’s the same company morons.

02:47 You’re just stupid.

02:48 – Get out!

02:49 – Get out of here!

02:50 – Don’t ever come back!

02:50 – We were already standing up to leave.

02:52 – Get out of here!

02:53 – You’re not a part of CollegeHumor!

02:54 – Go!

02:55 – Nobody respects our company! (metal music)

02:56 – Yeah!

02:57 – I’m pissed!

02:58 – Me too.

02:59 – What should we do?

02:59 – Start another new company.

03:00 – Yeah.

03:01 – Yeah.

03:05 – I gotta tell ya

03:06 I never understood why there’s not a space

03:06 in between College and Humor.

03:08 – I don’t know! – It’s dumb! It’s dumb!

03:09 (both yelling)

03:15 – Hi it’s Katie Marovitch from CollegeHumor

03:15 If you wanna subscribe click over here,

03:16 and for more fun stuff click over here,

03:19 and if you want access to CollegeHumor’s secret site

03:21 make sure you send your social security number

03:23 your credit card information

03:25 and your mother’s maiden name

03:26 in a private message to me.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator][vc_column_text]


  1. Are you currently a student? or do you work?
  2. Do you satisfy with what you study? or do you satisfy with your job?
  3. What’s the most important thing in choosing your career?
  4. Do you believe that you should pursue what you like as your career?
  5. Are you being treated fairly by your employer, colleague or professor?
  6. Have you thought of starting your own business?
  7. What’s the most important thing in establishing a new company?
  8. What’s your dream job/career?
  9. What’s your plan for your next 5 years?



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