Jordan Peterson’s guide to leadership | Big Think

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  1. What are the fundamental characteristics of a leader, in your opinion?
  2. What is the primary role of a leader in your opinion?
  3. Do you find it easy to reach the ‘equilibrated state’ (the term coined by Jean Piaget 1:51)?
  4. Do you agree that people participating voluntarily is more sustainable and productive than being forced to participate?
  5. Do you know of any cases where the free society outcompetes the authoritarian society over time?
  6. Do you consider yourself forced to do your job or study, or are you motivated positively as your job or education aligns with your life goals?
  7. People who formulated a plan with their life at the center performed better in head-to-head competition than the group who was told to formulate the plan centered on the organization. What is your takeaway?
  8. How did Jordan Peterson describe the purpose of leadership at the end of the clip?
  9. Please list the new vocabulary you learned from this article, along with its definition in the context used. Make your own sentences including the word.
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