Corporate Culture – Duke University

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  1. According to the research, is corporate culture important? (1:50)
  2. What are the two approaches the research team took to explore the importance of the corporate culture? (02:01)
  3. What is the role of corporate culture?
  4. Can you describe what formal institutions are? (04:25)
  5. Can you describe what values are in corporate culture?
  6. Can you describe the role of the norms in corporate culture?
  7. Can you list the outcomes of having an effective culture? (7:01)
  8. What role does corporate culture play with regards to mergers and acquisitions?
  9. What are the notable cultural norms in your current/previous company or school?
  10. How strongly does corporate culture influence your work satisfaction?
  11. What are the ideal values and norms you would like to see in your workplace?
  12. In the video, the professor mentioned the values are similar across many companies (05:43). Do you think the nature of the business determines the core values of the company?
  13. Please list the new vocabulary you learned from this article, along with its definition in the context used. Make your own sentences including the word.
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