How to Develop a Business Idea: Crash Course Business

*Please copy and paste the following questions to Google Document and share the document with your student. It will be instantly synced while you enter your student’s answers or corrections.

  1. What is more critical: an innovative idea or the execution of the idea?
  2. Do you think there are requirements to be an entrepreneur?
  3. Are you often driven by your passion? How passionate are you?
  4. Do you find yourself constantly looking for possible improvements?
  5. How critical is market research?
  6. Do you feel safe sharing your ideas with others?
  7. What do you think of the value in grit and resilience for success?
  8. Do you think people need the training to launch their own startup?
  9. If you are to co-found and build a new company, what role would suit you best?
  10. Please list the key points from the article, to summarize the story.
  11. Can you list the new vocabulary you learned from this article? What are the definitions of the vocabulary in this context? Can you make your own sentence with the words?
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