The global coffee crisis is coming

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  1. Do you drink coffee? What comes to mind when you think of coffee? How much do you usually spend on coffee?
  2. Does watching this video make you worry about the coffee supply?
  3. Some areas of the world are more vulnerable to climate change than others. Do you believe these regions should get support from other countries?
  4. What do you think of the Columbian government stepping in to try to increase the price of coffee and protect the minimum coffee price?
  5. Can you think of other industries around the world that are protected by their government?
  6. OPEC works with its members for the crude production allowance to protect the price. Do you think this is a fair practice?
  7. Are you willing to pay a premium to drink higher-quality coffee?
  8. What are some natural disasters that you’re aware of caused by climate change?
  9. How concerned are you about climate change? Does it affect the way you spend money?
  10. Are you positive that the climate change issue will be solved?
  11. Do you think people will realize the gravity of climate change in light of the coffee crisis?
  12. Please list the key points from the article, to summarize the story.
  13. Can you list the new vocabulary you learned from this article? What are the definitions of the vocabulary in this context? Can you make your own sentence with the words?
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