Gimmick Workouts Aren’t Real Exercise

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00:03 – Oh, if we hurry, we can still make the [simple_tooltip content=’an intensive training course
eg) boot camp for business people’]bootcamp[/simple_tooltip] class.

00:05 – Oh, I like Core Crusher.

00:07 – Hey Grant, we’re gonna try out Shock Gym down the street.

00:09 You wanna come?

00:10 – Fuck all that.

00:12 I got a burn going right now.

00:13 – What do you mean?

00:14 – I’m mid-workout.

00:15 – How so?

00:15 – Come come.

00:18 This is the Max Stool, total body workout system.

00:21 – You’re sitting down, and your feet are up.

00:24 – I’m holding a dynamic, [simple_tooltip content=’the weight of a person’s body’]body mass[/simple_tooltip] burn position.

00:26 It targets all my major muscle groups.

00:28 – Your arms are [simple_tooltip content=’used for showing that what you are saying is really true and is not just an impressive way of describing something
eg) Now there are literally thousands of companies using our software.’]literally[/simple_tooltip] [simple_tooltip content=’if you dangle something, or if it dangles, it hangs or swings without anything stopping it
eg) A single light bulb dangled from the ceiling.’]dangling[/simple_tooltip] at your side.

00:31 – Ahh yeah, it’s low impact.

00:32 It’s the same concept as sitting on a yoga ball,

00:34 or using one of those ab [simple_tooltip content=’a small metal or carbon object inside an electrical cell or a battery that electricity flows through. There are two electrodes, one positive and one negative.’]electrodes[/simple_tooltip].

00:36 – This isn’t exercise.

00:37 – You’re fucking wrong.

00:38 [simple_tooltip content=’normal or average, and not unusual or special
eg 1) He lives in an ordinary house in suburban Melbourne.
eg 2) It was just an ordinary Saturday morning.’]ordinary[/simple_tooltip] workouts put stress on your joints and lungs,

00:41 but with the Max Stool, I can sit my way to fit.

00:43 – Does this thing even burn calories?

00:45 – If you do it right.

00:46 Mmmm, take a look at this instructional video.

00:48 – Okay, ready for another set?

00:50 And, one, two, three, four,

00:55 five, six, seven.

00:59 – I’m gonna look like that guy.

01:02 – Grant, you’re being [simple_tooltip content=’to deceive someone in order to get money from them’]scammed[/simple_tooltip].

01:03 If you wanna exercise, you have to exercise.

01:06 – I can change positions to burn more fat.

01:11 Ugh, not yet.

01:12 – I think this thing is gonna give you back problems.

01:14 – Nah, my back is strong as shit.

01:16 I’m workin’ it out right now.

01:17 Eat it Chestang.

01:19 – That’s not exercise,

01:20 and it doesn’t even look that comfortable.

01:21 – Look, putting on size,

01:23 I, I, I can’t believe I even have to explain this.

01:24 Putting on size is about [simple_tooltip content=’to destroy or remove a structure or part of a structure
eg) That old house should have been torn down years ago.’]tearing down[/simple_tooltip] muscle fiber

01:26 so your body can build.

01:27 – Wait, what is happening now?

01:28 – The [simple_tooltip content=’a seat that has legs but no support for your back or arms
eg) a bar/piano stool’]stool[/simple_tooltip] sensed my heart rate was getting too high,

01:30 so it’s putting me in a cool down period.

01:32 – You have to know that that’s not gonna help you lose weight.

01:34 – Huge

01:35 (baby lullaby music) (inhaling sound)

01:38 I’ll be huge.

01:39 – How long do you do this?

01:40 (snoring)

01:42 – [Fitness Trainer] Good session guys.

01:45 – Dumb

01:46 – I mean, he does look good though.

01:49 – Oh, yeah, I mean Grant’s body is incredible.

01:51 It’s very very impressive.

01:53 – Yeah, way better than ours.

01:55 – Mmmmm, mmmm well.

01:59 – Ready for another set?

02:01 And, one, two, three, four,

02:06 five, six, seven,

02:09 eight, nine, ten.

02:14 – Hey, it’s Grant from College Humor.

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02:17 Click here for more fun stuff.

02:18 And, sorry, guys it feels like I’m out.

02:21 Am I out?

02:23 Because I can like, I can see the top of the camera,

02:25 so it’s, is this better?

02:29 Alright, it feels worse.

02:32 Okay, thanks for watching.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator][vc_column_text]


  1. How often do you work out?
  2. Do you work out alone?
  3. What’s the most important factor in terms of getting a fit body?
  4. What kind of exercises do you do?
  5. What’s your ideal exercise routine?
  6. Do you take any nutrition supplements?
  7. Why do you work out?
  8. Do you believe your hard work-out will pay off eventually?



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