How the food you eat affects your brain

*Please copy and paste the following questions to Google Document and share the document with your student. It will be instantly synced while you enter your student’s answers or corrections.

  1. Do you know if you consume Omega 3 and 6 regularly? What food do you eat which contain Omega 3 and 6?
  2. Where do you get most of your protein?
  3. Do you feel calmer after eating a large plate of pasta?
  4. How susceptible is your mood to your diet?
  5. How concerned are you about your brain health?
  6. What happens to the glucose level in your blood when you eat high glycemic food?
  7. Are there any foods you would avoid after watching this video? If yes, why?
  8. How much time are you willing to spend on each meal to prepare something healthy and balanced? How important is this to you?
  9. With a poor diet that is harmful to your health, are you more concerned about a shorter life span or getting sick?
  10. Please list the new vocabulary you learned from this article, along with its definition in the context used. Make your own sentences including the word.
  11. Please list any items the student should review.
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