The British Museum is full of stolen artifacts

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  1. Do you think the museum should return the stolen artifacts?
  2. What do you think of lending stolen artifacts to the country where it originated from with a fee?
  3. How would you feel if you needed to travel to another country to see your country’s historical legacy?o remember things?
  4. Do you believe the world history museum represents colonization and war criminals?
  5. If a French museum possessed historical artifacts from Brtain, do you think they would tolerate the situation?
  6. If Britain’s Stonehenge was somehow transferred and displayed in the US, do you think it retains its original value?
  7. If someone from Nigeria steals the artifacts of Benin from the British Museum and brings them back to Nigeria, how would you label and describe this incident?
  8. What do these stolen artifacts represent for the country that has illegally taken them?
  9. What are the implications of these stolen artifacts on the cultural and historical identity of the country from which the items originated?
  10. Please list the key points from the article, to summarize the story.
  11. Please list any items the student should review.
  12. Can you list the vocabulary you learned from this video?
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